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Welcome to our Impact Report.

The last few years have tested us to the limits of our abilities. Yet they have also helped us see just how strong and resourceful our VCA family is. We stepped into 2021 feeling an even deeper commitment to caring for pets, their people and our Associates—and the future of veterinary medicine.

In the features ahead, you’ll learn how we are working hard today to improve veterinary medicine—for the patients and veterinary professionals of tomorrow. Whether it’s improving access to veterinary care for underserved communities or providing mental health and well-being support and resources for our Associates, we are working to create A Better World for Pets™ and all who care for them.

Todd Lavender

DVM, President
VCA Animal Hospitals and Petcare Services

Veterinary medicine is filled with joy—celebrating a colleague who passed an exam, reveling in the excitement of seeing a dog you’ve been caring for since it was a puppy, helping your community in times of need. Our teams’ joy at caring for pets spills over into how we show up in our communities, for our clients and for each other.

I’m proud that we’ve shown up this year in big ways to help within and beyond our hospital walls—especially the opening of the Atlanta Humane Society’s Remedy clinic. This unique partnership is part of how we help bring accessible veterinary care to underserved communities and make real changes in the veterinary field by bringing our scale and expertise with partners to get things done. We accomplished a lot in the last year, and I’m energized by the impact we can deliver together in the years ahead.

Marie Kerl

Chief Medical Officer, VCA Animal Hospitals

Hospitals around the world have felt the strain of the once-in-a-generation mix of challenges we face together—including seeing more pets without a similar increase in people joining our field. It’s critical that we create a sustainable future for veterinary medicine.

To get there, we are fostering collaboration and innovation to advance medical understanding in our field and provide the best care available. Our extensive network of hometown hospitals gives us an outsized opportunity to make an impact for good.

I’m proudest of how our Associates contribute to leading-edge medical advancements, from developing clinical research that envisions first-of-their-kind studies, expanding our understanding of veterinary science, to creating approaches like our Hands-FreeTM Radiology Program, which has the promise to revolutionize how we go about diagnostic imaging in a way that cares for the pet and provides a safer experience for our Associates.

Kimberly Schrader West

Vice President, Corporate Affairs
VCA Animal Hospitals

We’re surrounded each day by people who care deeply and are extremely talented, and all have come together to care for pets and the people who love them. Caring for our Associates to empower them to make the impact they do is at the center of what we do. We accomplished so much this last year and I’m proudest of efforts to both care for our people and the communities we serve. There is a lot of joy in veterinary medicine, but there are challenging moments too. We took an industry-leading step to provide counseling to every one of our Associates and grew the mental health and well-being resources available to them.

At the same time, our Associates put our scale to work for good, helping communities respond and recover from natural disasters and other hardships. Together, we raised thousands of dollars to support animal welfare organizations on the front lines of flooding, fires and hurricanes. We have a responsibility to our people, to pets and to communities, and I’m excited by the opportunities that lie ahead to make an even bigger impact.

Who We Are and What We Stand For

As a leading veterinary care network, VCA has the opportunity—and the responsibility—to seek solutions to the industry’s greatest challenges. Through the efforts and care of our Associates and the commitment of our leadership, VCA is creating a healthier future for pets, accessible expertise for pet owners and rewarding, joy-filled careers for veterinary professionals.

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