VCA Works to Lower GHG Emissions

We’ve always understood that the impact we have goes well beyond the animals we care for—it includes reducing our impact on the planet. It’s part of the obligation we have of taking care of the future of veterinary medicine and part of how we contribute to the Mars Veterinary Health's sustainability efforts, to strengthen our collective environmental impact in three key areas: Climate Change, Waste Reduction and Pharmaceutical Stewardship.

In support of this commitment, VCA consolidated delivery of supplies to our hospitals, yielding a reduction in container use by almost 18% and greenhouse gas emissions by 179 metric tons of CO2 equivalent in 2020 alone.

In partnership with sustainability consultants Quantis, we’re evaluating our waste production and environmental impact to identify additional opportunities to reduce even further.

VCA Announces “Paws to Turn Off” Campaign

To celebrate Earth Day, VCA announced the “Paws to Turn Off” campaign, an initiative that encourages conscious energy use within our hospitals.

To accomplish this in an engaging, interactive way, we created eco-friendly stickers that our Associates place around their hospitals—reminding teammates of our shared ownership in responsible energy consumption.

Our hospitals are making a lasting, sustainable impact by turning off electricity consuming items whenever possible, such as lights and medical equipment.

This initiative is part of the larger efforts of Mars Veterinary Health to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our impact
on climate change.

Power-Up! VCA Now Sources 100% Renewable Electricity

As one of the key areas of the Mars Healthy Planet initiative, all VCA Hospitals now source their power from 100% renewable electricity.

This initiative is supported by the construction of the new 121.26 MW wind farm in Ford County, Illinois, which is the source of the

hospitals’ renewable electricity, alongside an existing wind farm in Texas. The turbines in Ford County generate enough electricity in one minute to power 36 veterinary visits while reducing CO2 emissions by 11 pounds with each appointment.


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