Equity, Inclusion
& Diversity

Programs as Unique
as Our People

Championing an inclusive sense of community at work and beyond is more important than ever. VCA is supporting and safeguarding historically underrepresented Associates in the veterinary industry through meaningful action to promote equity, inclusion and diversity.

Clearly all these initiatives require enormous support from our leadership team. We are proud that VCA truly values equity, inclusion and diversity—we are doing the work, not just talking about the changes that need to happen. And we’re seeing this work pay off.

Women have made up at least half of our senior leadership team for several years, and we’re proud that ranks of women in other leadership positions continue to grow.

The creation of our Diversity Resource Groups (DRG) was an important step for VCA in ensuring these initiatives were supported from within. Led and formed by voluntary Associate participation, these groups are a meeting of minds to ensure constructive conversation, personal development and more.

Collaboration, networking and support among DRG members are invaluable ways to ensure each Associate feels safeguarded and celebrated at a professional and personal level. We’re proud that our DRGs will continue to expand, with the Asian American Pacific Islander group launching this fall.

Introducing our four DRGs:

The AAmbition DRG

Led by Black Associates, this DRG recently hosted a panel for minority Associates to share their VCA journeys—their accomplishments and contributions.

Karlton Spencer Hicks

AAmbition Co-Lead & Regional Human Resources Partner

My passion for life is deeply rooted in the joy I receive from trying and becoming comfortable with new experiences. I believe that our AAmbition DRG is a new and exciting experience for all of us at VCA, and it will help to foster a greater sense of community and inclusivity.

Timbrala Marshall

DVM, AAmbition Co-Lead & Director of Veterinary Equity Inclusion
& Diversity Programs, VCA Animal Hospitals

“The AAmbition DRG is a great example of how powerful we are when we listen to everyone's voice to help elevate our purpose. The DRG's name symbolizes the aspirations of our Associates to be great and to impact our profession. I am proud to help lead VCA's EI&D efforts and bring the promise of these efforts to life through this DRG. I look forward to bringing AAmbitious conversations to VCA and to creating a more inclusive culture for our profession!”

(Women Impacting Success for Everyone)

Led by women for women, this DRG shared and celebrated VCA’s female leadership history and was an active contributor to our Women’s History Month communications.

Janine DeRosa

WISE Co-Lead & Director, P&O Mergers & Acquisitions

I have always believed that we are all equal and our differences should be seen and accepted, and I am passionate about being an intentional catalyst to achieve and sustain an equitable, inclusive and diverse workplace and workforce.

Lesli Solomon

WISE Co-Lead & Regional Operations Director

It’s wonderful to work for a company like VCA that is committed to recognizing our diverse workforce as well as focusing on ways to elevate everyone’s careers.

The Pride DRG

Led by LGBTQ+ Associates, this DRG was in charge of VCA’s Pride Month celebrations and helped lead the addition of pronouns to name tags.

Brian Coon

Pride Co-Lead & Vice President, P&O Support (He/Him/They)

I am extremely proud of the contributions of our team to the EI&D road map. From developing gender-affirming resources for all Associates to deploying PRIDE 365 tools such as “PRIDE in a box,” Associates can feel safe bringing their authentic selves to work—UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Michail Takach

Pride Co-Lead & Director of Brand & Digital Communications

In 1997, I graduated from college, landed my first job and received the news that my partner had cancer—all within a span of 30 days. I missed a significant amount of work, and I wasn’t comfortable explaining why to a conservative employer. There was no marriage equality, no FMLA and no diversity resource groups. I couldn’t bring my best self to work. I was constantly facing life-or-death decisions. I felt crushed and powerless. As a leader of VCA Pride, I want every Associate to feel supported in their moment of greatest need.

LatinX DRG

Lead by LatinX Associates, this DRG was in charge of VCA’s Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations and has been championing the Latinx VMA Diamante Scholar Student Scholarship program.

Michelle Gonzales

LatinX Co-Lead & Sr. Regional Operations Director

I’m proud to be the co-lead of our LatinX-Stronger Together Diversity Resource Group. With and through our group I’m able to help provide an inclusive community that shares our diversity and welcomes anyone to be a part of it. I feel team success is directly related to the diversity of the team. With diversity, we have the privilege to learn from each other and that can be a magical experience.


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