We believe we all have a responsibility to care for the world we share. This means being ever mindful of our effect on the Earth’s health and taking decisive steps to minimize our environmental impact. Prudent energy use is part of our hospital culture as we “Paws to Turn Off” energy-consuming technology. And reuse and recycling practices at our hospitals contribute to our goal of lessening our environmental impact. We’re incredibly proud of Associates across the country who have made it their personal mission to care for the Earth with the same dedication they devote to pets.  

“We are on a long-term and shared journey at VCA to assess and improve our environmental footprint across climate change, waste reduction and responsible antibiotics usage. Our scale allows us to make an outsized impact as we reduce our environmental impact and work toward a healthier planet for us all.”
Larry Cohen, DVM, Director of Sustainability,
VCA Animal Hospitals 


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