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to Pets and Communities

VCA Charities supports the joy of pet ownership by helping pets find and remain in loving homes. Our grant programs respond to some of today’s most important issues impacting companion animals, including lack of access to veterinary care, pet hunger, rescue readiness and disaster relief.

In 2021 and through the first half of 2022, VCA Charities has awarded over 400 grants, totalling $1 million and helping thousands of pets. By tackling issues affecting pets in local communities, we help provide solutions for pet owners to keep their pets healthy and safe while supporting vulnerable animals who haven’t yet found their forever homes.

VCA Charities is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on donations and support from VCA, its Associates and clients, and our great community in order to help as many pets as possible each year.

VCA Charities has awarded over 400 grants

A total of
$1 million

VCA Charities
has helped nearly
1 million pets in 2021 and
into the first half of 2022


In partnership with Hill’s Pet Nutrition, VCA Charities delivers nutritious food to pets in need through 28 nonprofit partners and their respective food banks. In 2021 and the first half of 2022, we’ve distributed 900,000 meals to help pet owners provide a nutritious diet to their pets.

Heroes Grants

VCA Charities is helping amplify the work of nonprofit partners in our local communities through a pilot grant program called Hometown Heroes. Rescuing dogs with medical issues, healing veterans’ visible and invisible wounds, and finding rescue dogs forever homes are some examples of how the grants extend the reach and impact to help vulnerable pets and the people who love them.

Ready for
Rescue Grants

VCA Charities’ Ready for Rescue grants prepare vulnerable pets for adoption into loving homes. Awarded to animal welfare organizations, the funds help cover the costs of providing veterinary care, medications and vaccines for these pets as well as transport costs, behavior training and shelter supplies and resources.

VCA Charities partnered with Boop My Nose (@boopmynose on Instagram) to promote pet adoption and help relieve growing pressure felt by animal shelters. Together, the VCA Charities and Boop My Nose Instagram accounts have been highlighting

adoptable pets from VCA Animal Hospitals’ shelter partners to encourage adoption and raise awareness of the important role shelters play in the pet ecosystem. VCA Charities covers the adoption cost of each featured pet with the hashtag #VCACharitiesBoop. We have extended our VCA Healthy Start program to more shelters to support adoption and ensure more pets receive care.

Relief Grants

With hospitals across the U.S., VCA is part of many local communities. VCA Charities has a long-standing history of support to communities impacted by natural or other disasters. Disaster Relief grants help provide immediate relief to animal welfare organizations, shelters and nonprofit partners. In 2021 and into 2022, we provided funds for veterinary care, medical supplies, pet food, temporary shelter and rescue or relocation transportation for more than 1,500 pets.

For further support, VCA matched donations made to VCA Charities for Disaster Relief, raising a combined $75,000. VCA continues to support communities affected by disaster by offering free animal boarding to families in need.

Disaster strikes when we least expect it, and both VCA and VCA Charities are at the ready to help ensure that pets and communities are supported in times of need.

Hope Funds

In partnership with VCA, Helping Overcome Pet Emergencies (HOPE) Funds provides life-saving veterinary care for low-income pet owners.

Willow is a special member of our family. After her father died in an auto accident, my daughter saved her money to get Willow. The thought of telling her we couldn’t afford the care needed to save her dog was unbearable. Thanks to the great team at Oso Creek and Hope Funds, we can look forward to many happy years with Willow!

Recipient HOPE Funds


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