The past two years have shined a light on how much we all depend on each other—from magnifying our shared successes to building together what we cannot accomplish alone, supporting colleagues in difficult times and leaning on one another when we’re in need. Caring for the future of veterinary medicine starts with caring for those who care for animals. We are dedicated to continually enhancing our culture of caring, where a “How are you?” is asked with genuine compassion and answered earnestly and openly. We recognize that building an organization of thriving people means

prioritizing wellness and mental health—candidly, creatively and without judgment. 

“When I began my career, mental health was not openly discussed. Seeking therapy was seen as very private and even taboo, leading those who sought help to often feel shame. VCA is working hard to destigmatize mental health challenges and ensure Associates have the resources they need to flourish.”

Paola Perez-Loaiza, Vice President, People & Organization, VCA Animal Hospitals 

Focus on
Our People

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