Reducing Waste
at Our Hospitals

Global waste is expected to increase by 70% by 2050. As one of the key areas of the Mars Healthy Planet initiative, waste reduction involves significantly increasing recycling at VCA Hospitals while reducing our waste footprint. We're working to implement recycling systems for paper, plastic, glass and more. VCA has decreased plastic bottle usage with the installation of water filtration systems, with a goal to include them in 85% of our hospitals.

Goal of installing
water filtration systems in 85% of our hospitals

Hometown Stories: Making a Difference Together

Waste reduction is a team effort, which is why we’re highlighting some team members who have gone the extra mile in creating lasting change. We are so proud of the personal responsibility that our teams demonstrate in creating a better world for future generations of people and pets.

Christy Conk

Veterinary Assistant Supervisor of VCA Clermont Animal Hospital in Florida

Christy collects about 90 gallons of paper, plastic, aluminum, cardboard, glass and more from her hospital and recycles them at home or at a center. Due to her influence, the hospital now recycles often-overlooked items like shredded paper, which is sent to a zoological park for animal enrichment, and vaccine vials that are turned into necklaces and syringe containers!

Cristian Palma

MSC, VMD at VCA Angel Hospital in Texas

Cristian was instrumental in starting the hospital’s recycling program. Now, every Associate has a recycling bin at their desk and everything from cardboard to plastic packaging is disposed of responsibly.


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